For the night owls 🦉 who don’t want to strain their eyes…

Dark mode! 👻👻

In your user preferences you’ll see a new option to turn it on or off, or you can choose to have it follow your system preferences automatically.

Dark mode also works in our Carrot apps for mobile and desktop, but it’s farthest along for macOS and iOS. We know there are a few things to polish for Windows and Android, but feel free to let us know if you see something specific we should address first.


Follow-ups are now Bookmarks

Quite frankly we confused most teams with our “follow-up” feature, so we’ve tweaked it to work the way you’ve been using it. Now, just bookmark something you’d like to read later.

Condensed views for quick scans

Want to scan what’s happening more quickly? Now you can with our new condensed view. It’s easy to toggle between the normal view and the condensed view as needed.


Focus on what’s new with “Unread”

Staying in sync with your team just got easier.

We’ve added “Unread” so it’s easier to see new posts and discussions. This turns down the noise and helps you to stay focused on what matters.

Plus, you have handy controls to mute discussions if you don’t want to see them again.


Carrot 2.0 is here! 🤩

Whew! We just dropped a whole summer's worth of new features. And yes, it's true, new mobile and desktop apps are here!

Carrot goes native with new mobile and desktop apps!

To everyone that pushed us for native apps — thank you! Now we're wondering how we ever lived without them. If you like Carrot, you're gonna ❤️ the new Carrot apps.


Want to give them a try? Get the iOS and Android apps, or desktop apps for Mac and Windows.

Threaded conversations

Remote teams working across time zones need organized, topic-based conversations to keep everyone in sync. Carrot now offers threaded comments to make it easier to get caught up on your own time.


Request a follow-up from your team ⚡️

When you're looking for a reply, or want to guarantee nobody misses your post, now you can request a follow-up. Carrot reminds anyone that misses it to improve engagement.️


Quick post, or full post? Now you have a choice.

While much of Carrot 2.0 is designed to simplify remote communication, we also worked hard to make Carrot faster and more delightful to use.

For quick, spontaneous starts to a new post, try the new Quick Post box at the top of Carrot. Prefer a calm space to create something longer-form? Our updated full-post screen gives you space to convey more information to your team.


More to come soon!

Thank you to our amazing customers for their great feedback. We're prioritizing what comes next based on what we hear, so if you don't see a new feature you're looking for, please let us know!

Advanced security settings

There are now 3 new advanced content security settings that provide more control. These are available by clicking the "Show advanced security settings" link in the "Settings" dialog that's available to all Carrot admins.


Here is an explanation of the settings:

Do not allow secure links to open posts from email or Slack - when Carrot sends a daily digest via email or Slack it normally considers that to be a secure channel and so posts in the digest are provided with a secure link. The secure link encodes the identity of the digest recipient so they can follow the link and view, comment on, and react to the post without having to be logged into Carrot. This setting disables secure links and has the digest use normal post links that require a Carrot login to the team.

Do not allow public sections - normally when creating or editing a section, you can set the visibility to private, team or public. Public sections can be viewed by everyone, even if they are not logged into Carrot or are not a member of the Carrot team. This setting disables the public section option.

Do not allow public share links - normally when sharing a Carrot post via a URL, there are two options available, the default option requires everyone using the URL to be a logged in Carrot user that's a member of the team, and the public URL option allows anyone that receives the URL to view the post. This setting disables the public share URL option.

Higher profile "Must Read" posts in Email digests

We've got a refreshed design of the morning email digest with "must see" posts first, and with a design that makes them stand out more.


Easier to read daily digest in Slack

Daily digests sent to Slack are now much improved with cleaner, easier to read formatting, embedded images from the post, and dividers between each post.

Slack daily digest.png

So many ways to view the web...

When using Carrot on your laptop there is section navigation on the left, and when using Carrot on your mobile device there's a navigation menu at the top, but there was a defect on tablets where neither of these section navigation options were available. This is now resolved!

Carrot posts unfurled in Slack show images

When you paste a Carrot URL into Slack it unfurls showing you the post title, a snipped of the post and some information about who posted it, where and when. These unfurls now include the first image or video from the post.

Slack unfurl.png